Making Antennas - and how to do it with witch tools


The picture down showes how I realised the "Monster" top band loop.


And with a Horton Hunter Supreme and an angling spool I build a premium antenna wire shooter up to 100Ft height.


A Horton Hunter Supreme SL  Typ Compuond with 150 pound power and Deerhunter telescopic sight. The angling spool is a Silstar RXB60 BatFeeder. A heavy esox spool. The fishing wire is a 30er "Plate" monofil wire with 30 pound strength.

At two trees over there the two peaks of the loop are mounted.

This is how it looks like when 80 meters of feederline move to the horrizon

At the foto down left You see my 3El 20,15,10m beam from HyGain with the 2m,70cm vertical on the top of the tower.At the border on the rigth side You see the feederline an pices of my 80m delta loop.It is built for Eu and DL, because it is horizontal and only abt. 15m up.Two weeks later I installet a rotator and a 7El vert 2m also a 13El vert 70cm.