This is the digital site - here You find PC's and more

For digimodes is my Yaesu FT840. It works with a 200Hz Collins CW filter. I use MIXW,JSST,Paxon  and some other helpfull programms. The PC who does this work is a simple AMD700MHz with 800MB-RAM. He also does the CAT remote control of the TRX. On AF-String I use a homemade interface with a DSP-9+ build in.

For AF-Analising I have a messuring place and a scope from Voltcraft.Not hi-tech but it works.My editor programm ist Cool Edit Pro.

AMD700 800MB-RAM. The systems are MS Win2K and Suse-Linux.

The server is running under Mandrake-Linux-Bamboo and the PR-PC works with Suse-Linux and LinKT.

Left - the server,right the PR-PC

My main PC is a AMD2100+ with 1,5GB/333/RAM and a NVideaGForce4-4200Ti build in.It works with MS WinXP and Suse-Linux.

  AMD 2100+

The Eumex704PC-Lan is a router with firewall and network hub