These are old Germanic Runes and it means DF3WV (but I create the V by myself, the old Germanians didn't know a V)

So that's me:

My name is Stefan Heinemann and I'm 40 years old.

I made my Amateur-Radio-Lizenz  in 1985 but because of my job I didn't practise from 1986 to 1995 .

My father DD0PQ was a ham from the early 70ies. When I was a little boy he took me to every hamvention and fieldday. In 1983 I went to the army (In DL called Bundeswehr). So what to do ? Yes - I went to the EloKa to be a professional SWL. I learned CW and wrote by hand up to 160 Bpm ! Now You know why I did the license in 1985 ! I stayed at the army for 4 years. Momentary I am a truck driver. But I worked in many different jobs - like : Carpainter for 3 years, streetbuilder for 9 years, sunroof mechanic for 2 Years. Normaly my job is a car mechanic, but for the last 4 years I drive a Scania 124/420 truck in BDF-Case at the MM-Transporte company. Once I was a record seller in a warehouse but my favorite is to keep everything running. That means I am good in machines and mechanics and I like to fix all of them.

In February 2002 I start to learn on PC's. The first one -a Pentium 1 with 200 Mhz-  I build with old parts my friends gave  to me. But HF-Technik is my favorite.

The most fun for me is building SW wire antennas. Every week I have a new one . But the best antenna I ever built is a 160m Delta Loop  . A second monster like this isn't known in DL.

Other hobbys are: Motorsports (not active for the last 8 years), fishing , my dogs , cats and nature.

DF3WV at the key.