Station Equipment

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               PA in DL9AH Stile with 5xPL519 max 1KW Out

Up: On the left FT840 from Yaesu. It is for 160 to 10 meters for CW and Digi-Modes with FM-Unit and a 200Hz Collins-CW-Filter. In SSB with a 2,7 Khz SSB-Filter taken from the FT757. In the middle my Drake C-Line. It is for 80 and 40 meter SSB europe transmission at the horizontal 80m delta-loop. On the right You see my homemade PA with 5xPL519. It runs with 900 volts and 2,5 A input. There are max 1000 watts available. But it is a "Hell-Machine" ;)

         The VHF-PA-Part TM732E.

The FT100 from Yaesu my Mobil-TRX in the truck. Also in the truck a 2m/70cm Dual-Band-TRX called TM732E from Kenwood. For VHF I use a Microset 200W PA for a better performence. When I buyed the TM732E the VHF powermodul didn't work. How to find the break on the board. Hm - I put it on my scanner and took the best performance. By zooming with ACDSee I found the cut and fixed it.


My homemade QRP TRX . It's a QRP 99 - 3 Band 80,40,20 CW-SSB QRP TRX with abt. 10 Watts out. Right above my 2m SSB QRP TRX a Icom IC202S. If You look for good ground when having a fieldday, put a groundwire in the water if You can. It is the best ground You can have.

The new one a Yaesu FT897 - All Band - All Mode - Mobil,Home,Portabel TRX. If You want one-for-all , the FT897 is the best You can get. I build a 300Hz Collins Filter in, and use it with a homemade variometer based antenna tuner. It works brilliant on every kind of antenna.

The shack was cleared up only a hour agow.  Hmm!


Antennas: for 2m,70cm a Daimond X510, on 20,15 und 10m a Hygain 3El-Beam, on 80m a horizontal delta-loop abt. 10m up and on 160m a vertikal delta loop abt.180Ft up with 240Ft  Feederline.

Antenna tower in the morning fog.